SuccessThis research line addresses the study of the contemporary dynamics of educational success and failure, focusing on the... Continue reading

Current academic debates widely notice that education contributes to reduce poverty and inequality. Actually, most researchers think that education is helpful to break processes of disadavantage and social exclusion insofar as it 'endows'... Continue reading

Since a large variety of political players and interests intervene in educational and social policies, the processes of decision-making, enactment and final evaluation are far from linear and often trigger intense debate and conflict. This line... Continue reading

The right to education is ensured by multiple international agreements, including the Human Rights Declaration or the International Convention on the Rights of the Child, and by national laws and regulations. However, globalization processes... Continue reading

In the last decade, policies that involve some level of education privatization, like public-private partnerships, vouchers or charter schools have acquired an increasing centrality in the global education arena. The urgency to achieving the ‘... Continue reading