About GEPS

The Globalisation, Education and Social Policies (GEPS) is a research group at the Department of Sociology of the UAB. GEPS has a sound experience in researching on social and education policies. Since the mid nineties, GEPS develops competitive and applied research on the politics, policy implementation and impact of a range of social and education policies. Since 2005, GEPS belongs to the Interdisciplinary Group on Education Policies (GIPE), a consolidated research group recognised by the Catalan Government (Generalitat de Catalunya), that develops national and international research project in the fields of economics of education, sociology of education and comparative studies of education systems and policies.

Key areas of expertise of our team include: social policies and social inequalities; education policies evaluation; health policies; education, poverty and social exclusion; markets and education; global governance.

The mission of GEPS is to develop quality research and other professional activities to boost public policies addressed to social and educational equity. This mission is achieved by:

• Promoting and developing high quality research in the field of globalisation, education and inequalities.

• Disseminating and transferring research results in both the academic and the social fields.

• Training high quality and critical professionals, researchers and practitioners.

• Building and participating in international networks in the areas of research, teaching, advocacy and policy-making.